Heat stroke kills.

Oklahoma and other regions have extremely high temperatures this summer.

Sypmtoms and First Aid for Heat Stroke are available at About.com
Pregnant women, children and babies are expecially in danger.

Drinking water is good, but remember that you are losing potassium and other trace minerals when you sweat. You must replace those minerals.
Gaterade and other preparations are excellent to drink along with water.
If you drink water by itself, you can become water intoxicated. I've done that and it felt like a had a gallon of water in my stomach just sloshing around when I moved. It hurt, too. If you can't get gatorade to drink, you can put a few salt grains in your hand and eat it. Salt was the original summer ade.

It is hard to write when it is a hunnert degrees in the shade.
So stay cool, have some iced tea without sugar, cause that is a whole 'nuther subject.