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Train up a child the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.
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Too gro a peaceful, cooperative child takes self-control and patience.
"Oh, I know what that means," you might say. "Suffer through."

Actually the Greek translation of patience is be consistently constant or to be the same way all the time, regardless of what happens.

Usually children grow out of their baby stages between three and four years old.
Walking and talking bring on the "What is that?" and "Who is that" and "Why does my big brother or sister get to do something and I don't?"
"Let me do it myself," may bring on tears, if not dealt with tactfully and with careful redirect to keep the child from flooding the counter with milk or some other mess.
Of course, how you deal with those questions and attitudes in the younger years will set you up for the teen years.
"Why can't I go to Marks's house?
His mother lets him go in the swimming pool when she's not home."

What you say is what you get because they model your behavior.
And settling for an unruly child is not an option no matter how old they are.
Raising a child to maturity is a body of work. Just like an artist, a parent paints on their child's palette.

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