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Family safe commentary.
Urban Poets
Share your poetry without profanity.
with baby is difficult. When traveling allow space and time for baby to move around. Be sure to feed baby when they are hungry. Avoid placing baby's blanket on the floor in a public place.
You don't want to know what has been on the floor.

Too Gro BABY

Just think about the word baby. Babies can mean warm and cuddly, new beginning, along with other images, but we won't go there now.

Hot car is dangerous to children left in car.
Oklahoma and other regions have extreme temperatures in summer. In Oklahoma we have had 100 degree temperatures in every season.
Pregnant women, children and babies are especially in danger.
Drinking water is good, but remember that you are losing potassium and other trace minerals when you sweat. You must replace those minerals. Children and babies can drink Pedialite©.
When you drink water by itself, you can become water intoxicated. I've done that and it felt like a had a gallon of water in my stomach sloshing around. It hurt, too.
If you can't get a mineral replacement to drink, you can put a few salt grains in your hand and eat it. Salt was the original summer ade.
Sypmtoms and First Aid for Heat Stroke are available at
What grandparents
can do.

Consider the value of the individual.
See the baby in the womb undergoing surgery.
Some may consider photo graphic in content.
Baby holding doctor's hand.

Newborns and Infant Information

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