Train up a child the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Welcome to our home, family, parent and child resources.
We are very happy that you came to visit us.
Our visitors come from the finest families all over the world.
First aid to help stroke victims.
Ask person to smile.
If one side of mouth does not respond, the person may have experienced a mini-stroke.

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Family safe commentary.
Urban Poets
Share your poetry without profanity.

A monthly publication features local family activities in Oklahoma City.

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FAMILY definition

Ratings and Commments

Bible study helps
Geneology Research

Family Harmony

Harmony is necessary too gro healthy relationships.  
Whether toddler or grandparent, we get tied up in living and don't live.
Take the opportunity to shape your life with relationships that count. We have brought together family-oriented sites for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Family harmony success is brought about by caring and sharing.
I allowed my children when they were younger to ask questions. Not about the rules. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

We shared our thoughts on policy and procedure within our family structure. Most comments were, "He took my turn," or "When am I gonna get my turn?"

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4H, talent shows, original plays (written and performed in the living room by our children) helped each one to express their individuality. We raised some goats, rabbits and chickens. I am glad all of the chickens flew the coop.
Our seven kids got wise to us and want their inheritance. So we better save up for the eventuality. Our grandchildren want us to squander what we have on them.

I lost my oldest daughter in 2015. The loss will never stop hurting. She also was my oldest child. She died on the twentieth anniversary of her daddy's death.

Like it has been said, If I'd known about grandchildren, I would have had them first. Maybe because now I have time to enjoy the moments that were precious and fleeting when my children were growing up. One says, 'You can spoil ME, Grandma.' My grandchildren remind me of the joy it was to raise my children.
Fourteen grandchildren are beginning to produce great-grandchildren. I now have a total of twenty great grandchildren.

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Down home style

Fire Watch

Remember your local firefighters. They will enjoy a sack of treats that you could take to them.

Guns and children do not mix.
There is no such thing as an unloaded gun.
firearm safety and education


There is no safe way to start a fire with gasoline. That is why most parents don't do it.
Help us let every parent know
Stop Gas Fires
Shriners Hospitals for Chidren

Weather Disaster Prevention

Any time of the year can present challenges to protect yourself and family from weather events.
Consider these sites for good information.
Follow up for frostbite information during cold weather.
emedicine health hypothermia
Heat stroke prevention information


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